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Crazy Random

Sep 8 '14

“We get along quite well. We have a good chemistry, and we have a good sense of friendship and that happened very quickly.”  Theo James on his relationship with Shailene.

Aug 27 '14


This is more than a job. It’s a legacy for us.”

-Jensen Ackles

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Jul 27 '14


Short video of the first episode of Supernatural Season 10!!

Is it October yet??

Jul 22 '14

"You know, they have such a… special relationship, I’m not sure I can… you know, they’re just so close.” - Lauren Cohan

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Jul 21 '14

Jared Padalecki for Supernatural Season 9 (Promos)

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Jul 21 '14

Expectations vs. Reality (Part 3: Jared Padalecki)

Part 1: Misha CollinsPart 2: Jensen Ackles }

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Jul 16 '14



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Jul 7 '14

Sam with bangs ♡

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Jul 7 '14


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Jul 6 '14


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